Metal Roofing Installation & Repairs in SWFL

At MWW, Inc. Roofing, your satisfaction and safety are our main priorities. When it comes to metal roofing materials, we offer products with the best warranties and use the highest standards for all our installations and repairs. In addition, we provide metal roofing in Fort Myers for residential and commercial buildings. We are proud to offer such a varied range of roofing services in the area.

Top 5 Advantages To Considering Metal Roofing

1. Styles – metal roofing materials are available in various sizes, profiles, textures, and shapes. Additionally, you’ll enjoy choices that resemble more traditional roofing materials. Some products look like slate, wood, or asphalt.

2. Colors – Both commercial and residential roofing materials come in different colors. Along with a choice of colors, MWW, Inc. Roofing also has copper, aluminum, and steel roofing systems. Metal roofing is also paintable. So, if you’d prefer a different color then the manufactured product – painting the panels is possible.

3. Cool – Metal roofing is energy efficient, insulating, and sun-reflective. It does an excellent job of keeping your home comfortable.

4. Wind & Fire Resistant – metal roof materials are one of the most fire-resistant materials. Plus, MWW, Inc. Roofing designs our roofing systems to withstand SWFL high winds and hurricane season.

5. Maintenance – Metal roofs are long-lasting. In fact, a correctly installed metal roof can last 40 to 70 years.

Metal Roofing Installation


Standing Seam Metal Roof?

Most residential metal roofs are a type called “standing seam.” Metal roofing has vertical panels that run from the top of the peak or ridge all the way down the roof to the eaves. The vertical panels have two seams per panel. These connecting seams stand vertically. That’s why the name “standing seam.”

Advantages of standing seam roofs

In any roofing system – shingle, metal, or tile, the seams are the weakest point. That’s where moisture can enter in, especially in the case of sub-standard installations.

Here are the two main advantages of metal roofs with standing steams

  • Stronger seams – mean less chance of moisture entering, an advantage over composition shingles.
  • Fewer seams – since the panel runs from the top of the roof all the way to the bottom

Compare that to an asphalt roof’s life expectancy of 12 to 20 years. You’ll enjoy less maintenance. MWW, Inc.

Roofing is also available for periodic metal roof inspections. We want to make sure your roof stays in tiptop condition. If you’re considering a metal roof, ask us about our Energy Star certified roof products.

They’re available for both homeowners and commercial property owners.

Why Call Us for Your Metal Roofing Needs?

Family-owned and operated, MWW, Inc. Roofing is happy to have been part of the SWFL community since 1949. As an established roofing contractor, we are a leading provider of residential and commercial metal roofs and metal roof repairs. We take pride in keeping your families and businesses safe and dry. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we’ll work with you to fit your needs and your budget.

As a metal roofing contractor in Fort Myers, we are familiar with the different components and skills needed to properly carry out a metal roof installation. We can assist with and provide repairs for many different parts of the roof, including roof shingles.

Contact Us Today For Your Metal Roofing needs Fully licensed, bonded, and insured for servicing both homeowners & business owners MWW, Inc. Roofing has proudly served the Southwest Florida area since 1949. We offer a variety of metal roofing solutions to meet the demands of Florida’s outdoor environment.

Our roofs are throughout Southwest Florida including the communities of Ft Myers. Cape Coral, Ft Myers Beach. Sanibel. Captiva. Estero, Bonita Springs Naples, Marco Island, and Lehigh Acres.


To schedule a service Call or FREE metal roofing estimate at your home or business call us today at (239) 567-3088.


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